Commemorate Perry School Field Trips with Custom T-shirts

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Field trips are a lot of fun and offer unique learning experiences for students. Whether we’re talking about Perry Middle School, Tucker Elementary School, King’s Chapel Elementary School, Perry High School, The Westfield School, Morningside Elementary School or Perry Primary School, field trips are important parts of the academic year. You can commemorate those milestones with custom t-shirts.

Commemorate Perry School Field Trips with Custom T-shirts

Why Should You Opt for Custom Field Trip T-Shirts?

Custom field trip t-shirts offer quite a few benefits for students, and they can be used in any number of ways. You could use them as a fundraiser to generate money for the field trip itself, or for future field trips. You could also use them as a surprise – hand them out to students on the bus ride to your destination.

Custom t-shirts are always popular, and field trip t-shirts carry a sense of uniqueness. Only the students who participated in the trip will have one. This creates a feeling of unity in the class. You can also opt to do fun things with those t-shirts – let all the kids sign each other’s shirt at the end of the trip, for instance.

What Designs Should You Consider?

You could go any number of routes in terms of designing a custom field day t-shirt. You could use your class name, or include a graphic design that depicts your destination or an activity or attraction that stands out at your destination. For instance, if your class from Tucker Elementary School were going to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, you could combine the school name with the concept of a safari with great results. You could also use humor, or you could use text and artwork that speaks to the uniqueness of the class or the school itself.

There are plenty of options, but working with a printing company local to Perry, Georgia, will ensure that you’re able to benefit from the skills of an in-house graphic designer to cement your design and make sure that whatever design you ultimately choose, it looks great printed on the t-shirts of your choice.

What Sort of Shirts Should You Choose?

In most instances, a classic t-shirt will be the best option for a field day shirt. Other styles that might work include raglan and ringer tees. Just as important as style is the color that you choose. Opt for a color that lets your design stand out, but also works with other plans you might have for those shirts. For instance, if you want the students to sign one another’s shirts, you’ll need to use a lighter color shirt so that the ink is visible.

Pay attention to the type of material used for shirt construction, as well. While synthetic materials are available, cotton is probably the best choice for your class. It’s excellent for breathability in the Georgia heat, and very durable, as well. Of course, there are other options, so compare your choices and choose the material that works best for your class’s needs.








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