Drumming Up Better Results: Custom T-Shirts for Your Next Robins AFB Sporting Event

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Every May, Robins Air Force Base gears up to help celebrate (and promote) National Physical Activity Month. There are multiple sporting event scheduled throughout the month, ranging from stairway climbing challenges to bench press competitions to track and field events, ping-pong tournaments, powerlifting, and more.

Drumming Up Better Results: Custom T-Shirts for Your Next Robins AFB Sporting Event

Beyond the special events organized during May, the base is also home to eight different sports programs, ranging from soccer to flag football to bowling and basketball. Each of these events can see better results simply through the use of custom t-shirts.

Why Custom T-Shirts?

When you think about the “all American” garment, what comes to mind? Is it blue jeans? Perhaps you think of tennis shoes or sneakers, or maybe you think of yoga pants. In reality, the humble t-shirt is the most popular garment in the nation. It’s worn by people of all income levels, at all stages of life.

You can use that popularity to your advantage, whether you’re a sporting event coordinator for Robins AFB or you’re simply a participant hoping to encourage others to get out there and play or get active.

How to Use Custom T-Shirts

Using custom t-shirts to enhance a particular sporting event can be done quite easily. For instance, organizers for the May physical activity events could design a custom t-shirt for each event and sell them to raise money for other uses. On the other hand, those attending physical activity events could create their own t-shirts to promote awareness or to show that they’re part of an informal team or crew.

Another example would be to create custom t-shirts for the various sporting programs on the base. For instance, in the 7-A-Side soccer program, custom shirts could be designed for each team to wear off the field. Of course, custom soccer team shirts could also be designed for in-game use, as well.

Custom shirts have any number of uses. As mentioned, they can be used as fundraisers – sold to family members, friends and fans of sports teams to help support the team, buy new gear and for other needs. They can be incentives or rewards for those participating in a sporting event, from ruck runs and mud runs to flag football events. Wearing custom t-shirts creates a sense of pride, a sense of involvement and a feeling of achievement, and the shirts represent a tangible reward that is not available to just anyone.

A Lot Hinges On the Printing Company

Whether you’re a sports event organizer, or a team member, you’ll need to ensure that you’re partnering with a reputable printing company that’s local to Warner Robins and the surrounding area. Make sure that the company has an in-house graphic design expert to help create the design you envision, and that the printing company can offer customization of shirts, polos, hats and other products to fit your needs perfectly. With the right partner, you’ll have access to high-quality custom t-shirts to suit virtually any type of sporting event.








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