Tips for Using Marketing Shirts to Build Your Business

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Tips for Using Marketing Shirts to Build Your BusinessWith a population of around 5,000 people, Byron, Georgia, is a small town. However, it’s also home to a number of businesses, and that number continues to grow. Byron’s economy is powered by a number of different industries, including the service sector, retail, the food service industry, and the RV industry. Despite the growth occurring, many business owners in and around Byron need to find new ways to market their companies. Marketing shirts can help greatly.

What’s a Marketing Shirt?

Really, a marketing shirt is nothing more than a custom printed t-shirt that is designed with the intent to give it away. They generally highlight the business name, logo and phone number, as well as graphic design elements that make the shirt appealing to the business’ target audience.

Why Do Marketing Shirts Work?

You might be wondering how paying money for custom printed shirts and then giving them away will help your business grow. Logically, it sounds like you’re just digging yourself into more debt. That’s not actually the case.

T-shirts are incredibly popular – they’re the most popular garment in the country, as a matter of fact. And when you give them away free of charge, you’ll have an enormous pool of interested people. So, how does this equate to a win for your business?

Every single person who accepts a free shirt from you is a potential customer. This is particularly beneficial if you do a physical on-premises giveaway, but it can also work well through social media channels. And, because you can bet that they’re going to wear that free shirt while they’re out, you gain free marketing – your business’ name, phone number and logo should be displayed on the shirt. That means everyone who sees the shirt while the wearer has it on is exposed to your business’ contact information.

Try getting that kind of attention from a newspaper ad, a billboard, or even a social media ad and you’ll be disappointed.

What Kind of Marketing Shirts Work Best?

When it comes to marketing shirts, you have plenty of options available. You can go the conventional t-shirt route, but you can also break out of the box a little bit. Ringer tees are retro, and are very popular. Raglan tees are very popular as well. Depending on your business, you might also be able to make use of sleeveless shirts and tank tops. These work particularly well for any business that borders on the fitness industry in some way, from personal trainers to shoe stores.

How Do You Announce a Giveaway?

In the digital age, perhaps the best way to announce a t-shirt giveaway is through Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is also a good option. You can run the entire giveaway through social media if you like, or you can require that those who win a free shirt come into the business to pick it up in person.

With marketing shirts, building your business can be simpler than you might expect.








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