Using Custom T-Shirts and Hats to Improve Mission Trips

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Using Custom T-Shirts and Hats to Improve Mission TripsWhile Byron, Georgia, might not be the largest city in the state, it does have its fair share of churches. From Byron United Methodist to Oakgrove Baptist Church, Harmony Community Church and Byron City Church, there are houses of worship scattered throughout the area. Many of these churches focus on mission trips as means of outreach and witnessing, but also encounter problems funding those trips. Custom t-shirts and hats can help.

The Largest Problem Facing Mission Trips

When it comes to mission trips, the single largest problem is funding, plain and simple. Whether you’re traveling to another state, or heading to South America, your group will need money for travel costs, accommodations, food, transportation at your destination and more. There are other costs involved, as well, including possibly needing to pay for passports, immunizations, supplies like Bibles, and a great deal more. Even a relatively brief mission trip to a nearby area like Alabama or Florida could cost a great deal.

Solutions to the Funding Problem

Byron church members ready and eager to spread the good news through a mission trip have a number of potential solutions available to them to raise money. Traditional fundraisers like bake sales, yard or garage sales and special donations or tithes from the church all have a role to play. However, custom t-shirts and hats can also be crucial solutions to this pressing need.

How Can Custom T-Shirts and Hats Help?

When you think about it, the fact that custom t-shirts and hats have so much to offer when compared to other church-based fundraisers makes a lot of sense. It’s all about reach. With a bake sale or special donation/tithe, you’re limited to those who are physically able to be at the church. With the sale of custom t-shirts and hats, that’s not the case. They can be designed and sold quite easily, and reach people who might never have the opportunity to visit the church in person. They can be sold through the church’s website, through social media, in person by church members to those they know who do not attend the church and more.

Not Just Great for Fundraising

While custom t-shirts and hats are excellent fundraiser options for Byron churches with upcoming mission trips, they can do much more than this. They can be used by the mission team members themselves. Creating a mission-specific t-shirt allows the team to show their unity and that they are each part of something larger than themselves. They identify them as mission workers in the field.

What Designs Can Be Incorporated?

Virtually any sort of design can be incorporated into custom t-shirts, ranging from the name of the mission and its purpose to more abstract concepts and art. Hats can likewise be customized with the church’s name embroidered, or the mission name designed as a logo and then embroidered onto the hat. With the right printing company, you’ll have access to high quality printing and embroidery, as well as a range of shirt and hat styles to choose from.


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