Celebrate Your Fall Festival with Custom T-shirts

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As the weather begins to cool, churches throughout Perry, Georgia, start to gear up for one of their most popular annual events – the fall festival. From Cross Point Baptist Church to the First Baptist Church of Perry, New Hope Baptist, Grace Church and more, hay bales are set out, the smell of apple cider fills the air, and it’s time for warm food and family-friendly fun. Custom t-shirts can help make this year’s festival even more memorable.

Celebrate Your Fall Festival with Custom T-shirts

Why Consider Custom T-Shirts?

Designing and ordering custom t-shirts for your church’s fall festival makes a great deal of sense. Doing so can offer a number of benefits. First, it gives attendees a tangible keepsake – something they can wear that will remind them of the amazing time they had at the festival. Second, it gives you a means to reach other people who might not attend otherwise, and encourage them to come share in the fun and fellowship.

You can also use unique fall fest t-shirts to identify organizers and staffers, helping attendees easily locate someone if they need to ask questions, require directions, or need other information.

Of course, there’s also the fact that people love to wear t-shirts. Anyone wearing your church’s fall festival t-shirt while they’re “out and about” will market the event to those they come in contact with. While it might be after the festival is over, it will spark curiosity about next year’s festival, or possibly even encourage someone to ask about the church itself. It’s only a small step from answering a question like that to ministering or encouraging them to visit the church.

You’ll find a very wide range of t-shirt styles to consider. While the traditional t-shirt is always popular, you can change things up with a ringer tee, or a raglan tee that offers a little more protection for the upper arms against cooler fall weather. There are also modest V-neck t-shirts, as well as many other shirt styles that might fit your needs.

Don’t Stop at T-Shirts

While t-shirts might be the most popular option, there’s no reason to stop there. You can find any number of other clothing items and accessories that can be customized for your church’s fall festival. Ball caps are incredibly popular, and can be embroidered with your church’s name and a festival-related design, for instance. Polo shirts are also great options, and make excellent choices for staff t-shirts or for organizers.

Work with a Local Printer

While you can find printers online, it’s a better option to work with a printer local to Perry. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that you can get true customization by working with the company’s in-house graphic artist, rather than being forced to use one of a handful of online templates. You’ll also find that local printers can offer a more personal relationship, a better selection of shirts that fit your festival’s needs, and other benefits.


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