Boost VBS Attendance with Custom T-shirts

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From Highland Hills Church to Vineville Baptist Church, Ingleside Baptist Church and Center Hill Baptist Church, Macon is home to a wide range of churches that hold an annual vacation Bible school, or VBS. Each year, those churches search for a new way to make attending VBS more fun, more educational and more convenient. Custom t-shirts can make a difference in several of those goals.

Boost VBS Attendance with Custom T-shirts

Why Consider Custom T-Shirts for Your Macon VBS?

One of the key ingredients to bumping up attendance at your VBS is to provide children with something that appeals to them. T-shirts are the single most popular piece of clothing in the country, and by customizing a t-shirt design for your VBS, you’ll be able to give children something they can get nowhere else.

What Kind of T-Shirt Should You Design for VBS?

Really, there’s no limit to what kind of VBS t-shirt you might design. You could design a single shirt for all grade levels/ages in attendance that ties into this year’s VBS theme, for instance. On the other hand, if you really wanted to ramp things up, you could design a different shirt for each grade level or age group, all tied into the VBS theme.

Another option would be to let the children in each VBS class work together to design a shirt for the class as a whole. In addition to considering a design that relates to this year’s VBS theme, you could go any number of other routes, including illustrations of specific Bible stories, printed Bible verses, and more.

What Type of Shirts Should You Design for VBS?

When it comes to choosing the type of shirt or shirts you’ll design, you need to consider a couple of different factors. The first one would be the material in question – for VBS children, cotton is probably the best fabric. It also works very well with modern screen printing techniques. Other materials, such as polyester, may not be optimal choices, as cotton provides superior breathability, and is very durable.

You’ll also want to consider the style of the shirt you design. It would probably be wise to stick to the traditional t-shirt style, and steer away from tank tops and V-necks. Still, that leaves you any number of options, from ringer tees to raglan tees, conventional t-shirts and many more.

Color is another consideration. Plain white is always a popular choice, but it can get dirty quickly, and since we’re talking about children, that should be a prime consideration. You’ll find a whole rainbow of other colors and color combinations available with the right printing company, though, many of which will be great choices for the children in your VBS classes.

Working with a Local Printing Company

While you can choose to work with national or international printing companies, the better choice is to work with one that’s local to Macon and the rest of Middle Georgia. Make sure the company has experience designing VBS shirts, and that they can supply the right style, color and material for your needs, as well.








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