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Customized Basketball Jerseys Build Team SpiritFrom Middle Georgia State University’s Knights to the Bucks, and the Middle Georgia Pits, basketball is big news in the South. There are recreation department teams, middle school teams, high school teams, and with the advent of the Pits, a professional basketball team in Middle Georgia. All of these teams have one thing in common – the need for custom basketball jerseys.

The Importance of the Right Jerseys

At their most basic level, basketball jerseys provide a way to differentiate between players on opposing teams. However, they do much more than help players and spectators tell the difference between the home team and their opponents. They form the crux of the team’s identity in many ways, from the colors used to the team’s logo, the font used for names, and the size of the numbers. They also help ensure comfort while on the court – the right jerseys will ensure that players are able to stay as cool as possible, while wicking away sweat during gameplay.

Jersey Style Options

Gone are the days when there was only a handful of jersey styles available. Today, custom basketball jerseys can take many different forms, including the following:

  • Traditional tanks
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • “Muscle” style tanks
  • Pinnie styles (primarily for practice)
  • V-neck jerseys

In addition to a growing number of styles, you now have access to a wider range of materials, as well. Some of the more common options include conventional mesh, micro-mesh, mini-mesh, and many others.

Vital Considerations in Custom Basketball Jersey Design

While the material of the jersey will definitely be one of your top considerations, there are other choices you’ll need to make in terms of design. For instance, should the team name be printed straight, or should it be arched? Should you use a single color for the name and number, or would two colors be a better option? What size should the font and numbering be? Will you print on the front or the back? These are all questions that an experienced printing company can help you answer to ensure that the final result is an ideal fit for your players and helps increase team spirit.

Don’t Neglect Other Basketball Shirts

In addition to jerseys, your players will benefit from other custom shirts. Basketball shooting shirts, team shirts for off-court use and for fans, and jerseys for away games are all important considerations here. In fact, you might consider creating men’s, women’s and children’s shirts for sale to parents, family members and fans of the team. Shirt sales can have a dramatic effect on the amount of money available to a team for travel, events, and even for things like court re-striping or refinishing.

Work with an Expert

When it comes to outfitting your Middle Georgia basketball team, it’s important to work with an expert in sports uniform printing. Ideally, the company will be local to Middle Georgia, and have years of experience creating basketball jerseys, shirts and other apparel for teams small and large.








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