What You Need to Know Before Choosing Custom Soccer Team Shirts

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While the MGA Knights might be the most visible soccer team in Middle Georgia, the sport is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. The Macon Soccer Club is just one example of how the sport is spreading throughout the area, but there are others, including the Central Georgia Soccer Association and the Middle Georgia Adult Soccer League.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Custom Soccer Team Shirts

While there are teams ranging from youth to college level players, all of them need the right gear in order to compete. However, there are several things you’ll need to know before choosing custom soccer team shirts.

What’s the Quality Like?

While soccer shirts don’t have to put up with the same level of abuse as football jerseys do, they still need to be able to handle a lot of wear and tear. That means you need to think about the quality of the shirt, and how long it will last through hard play.

What Material Do You Want?

There are many types of material on the market today, although polyester is probably the most common. You’ll need to choose a material that offers good breathability for players, the ability to wick away moisture, and still stand up to hard playing on the pitch.

Sleeve Length

You’ll find both long sleeved and short sleeve soccer team shirts on the market. Given the climate of Middle Georgia, you’ll definitely want to invest in short sleeve shirts. However, if your play time runs into the fall, it might be a wise idea to have some long sleeve shirts on hand as well, or to invest in a long sleeve shirt to be worn under the soccer jersey itself.

Player Age and Skill Level

Different age groups will benefit from different materials and cuts when it comes to purchasing soccer team shirts. For instance, very young players will be fine in just about any sort of material. However, older, more advanced players will need material that’s as breathable as possible, and shirt cuts that allow full freedom of movement.

Ability to Customize

Some materials take to customization better than others do. And, make no mistake, you’ll need to customize your soccer team shirts – you’ll need numbers at the bare minimum. Depending on your team, you may also need player names, sponsor names, the team name and logo, and other customizations added to the shirts.

Pay close attention to the printing company that you choose, as this will make a significant difference in both the price of your customizations, and the quality of the print job. The right company will offer advanced printing techniques that ensure the names and numbers on your soccer team shirts will last as long as the jersey does, with no fading, peeling or other signs of wear and tear.

While soccer team shirts are a significant consideration, don’t forget the rest of the gear your team will need, including socks and shorts that match the jersey.








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