4 Crucial Considerations When Choosing Football Uniforms

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It’s tough to think of a sport more popular in Middle Georgia than football. While baseball might be “the all-American game”, football has definitely captured the hearts of those in the South. You’ll find teams from Macon to Dublin to Centerville playing at all skill levels, from the teams in the Georgia Middle School Athletic Association, the Middle Georgia Youth Sports League and the Georgia High School Athletic Association to college-level teams like the MGA Knights.

4 Crucial Considerations When Choosing Football Uniforms

One thing all football teams have in common, despite differences in age and skill, is the need for football uniforms. However, finding the right uniform isn’t as simple as choosing jerseys, pants, helmets and other gear off the rack. There are several important considerations here.


One of the most important considerations when choosing custom football uniforms is the quality of the material and the overall construction of the apparel. While you can find discounted pricing on uniforms, this often goes hand in hand with low-quality uniforms that will not stand up to the abuse of playing. The uniforms you choose need to be able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear without literally coming apart at the seams. Look for materials that offer outstanding durability as well as stain resistance. Polyester is one of the most durable options, but there are others available.


While most of the protection your players enjoy will be provided by the pads they wear on the field, the uniform itself also provides protection. The right material will go a long way toward preventing some types of injuries, including “road rash” from sliding across turf during a tackle. A special note needs to be made about the helmets your players wear, as well. New research shows that even minor impacts to the head can result in traumatic brain injuries that can last a lifetime, so new helmets (and helmets with robust padding) are essential.


Another vital consideration when choosing football uniforms is the level of comfort players enjoy. You need to make sure that the uniforms offer a full range of movement and that your players aren’t impeded by tight fitting jerseys, or poorly tailored uniforms. It’s about more than just ensuring that your team is comfortable in their uniforms – a poorly fitting jersey can mean the difference between success and failure on the field.


You’ll want to make sure that your team’s uniforms are coordinated and customized. Each player will need a jersey with their number, and possibly their name, as well as the school logo. Uniforms should also be constructed in your team’s colors (and you’ll likely need a second uniform for each player for away games in contrasting colors).

Ultimately, it comes down to working with the right printing company. A quality printing company can ensure that your team has access to the highest quality jerseys, pants and other gear, and can provide custom printing and embroidery services.








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