4 Tips for Using Promotional Shirts to Market Your Business in Warner Robins

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As one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia, the city of Warner Robins is home to a stunning array of businesses. While Robins AFB is definitely the largest employer in the city, there are many other industries that play a critical role in its economy, including construction/revitalization services, the medical industry, and knowledge/technology firms, as well. All of this means that business owners in the area have a hard time standing out from their competitors. Promotional shirts can help, but you should know a few things about how to use them before making any decisions.

4 Tips for Using Promotional Shirts to Market Your Business in Warner Robins

Give Them Away

As a business owner, the thought of spending money just to give away a product, particularly something like a t-shirt that comes with a higher upfront cost than other promotional products, is a little daunting. However, custom promotional shirts make excellent giveaway options and can be used in any number of ways, from prizes and incentives to door buster deals and more.

In addition, when you work with a printing company local to Warner Robins, you’ll find that your upfront costs are nowhere near as high as you might have expected, ensuring that you have access to an affordable, effective marketing tool.

Sell Them Outright

Think your business can’t benefit from the sale of promotional shirts? You might need to think again. Custom printed t-shirts are incredibly popular and sell very well, particularly to those who want to support and promote local businesses they personally patronize.

This ties directly into the “go local” movement that is growing across the country, as more and more people realize that creating a stable, healthy economy starts at home. A local printing company that serves Middle Georgia understands this trend very well and can help you capitalize on it through custom promotional shirt design.

Get Creative

While you might think that your business name and logo are the only things that would work on promotional shirts, that’s not actually the case. Almost anything can work well here, from a stylized image of a core product to humorous sayings, company tag lines and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative here. However, working with an experienced graphic designer will help ensure that you’re able to create promotional shirts that offer the right amount of impact and appeal.

Offer Variety

Yes, the standard t-shirt is immensely popular, but you can really improve your marketing success by opting to offer a range of different styles of promotional shirts. You can choose from raglan shirts with 3/4 sleeves, ringer shirts, long sleeve shirts, V-necks, tagless shirts, jerseys and a great deal more. Give your patrons variety and you might be surprised at just how much demand surges.

There you have them – four tips for using promotional shirts to help build your Warner Robins business success. Custom shirts can enhance brand recognition, provide significant marketing capabilities, and build profitability while ensuring that you stand out from your competitors.








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