Team Identity – The Role of Baseball Jerseys and Other Gear

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Middle Georgia is home to quite a few baseball teams, from the MGA Knights to numerous high school and county rec department teams. Macon itself has a rich history in baseball, as evidenced by Luther Williams Field. And while Macon might not currently be home to a minor-league team as it was in the past, that might change with a 2017 feasibility study.

Team Identity The Role of Baseball Jerseys and Other Gear

Whether you’re talking about high school or college-level playing, baseball is big in Middle Georgia. A lot goes into creating a winning team. That includes coaching, dedication on the part of the players, support from fans and family members, and more. One of the most crucial ingredients, though, is the gear available to the team.

The Importance of the Right Custom Baseball Jerseys

Whether your team plays in Macon itself, in Eatonton, in Warner Robins or somewhere else in Middle Georgia, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of the right baseball jerseys and other gear.

What is the single most important element of your team’s identity? Is it the training the players receive? Is it the amount of time they spend together building teamwork and learning to come together as a cohesive unit? While both of those are important, the core of your team’s identity is the uniform – the baseball jersey, baseball hat, pants, socks and other gear worn day in and day out on the field.

You might assume that “identity” only goes as deep as distinguishing players on one team from those on another. However, while that does play a role, it goes deeper than that. It ties into the sense of pride in a team’s colors and logo, the history of the team itself, and the connection between individual players and other personnel.

In short, baseball jerseys and other gear help create a sense of the team as a whole, bringing individual players into something larger than themselves.

Given the importance of baseball jerseys and other apparel for your Middle Georgia baseball team, it’s crucial that you are able to source custom jerseys, hats and other gear. You have quite a few choices here, beginning with the type of material you want. You can choose from mesh, micro-mesh, moisture wicking material and more. You can also choose from a range of styles, from full button jerseys to Henley style shirts, short sleeved shirts, three-quarter sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts and other options.

Don’t neglect other baseball gear, either. You’ll need clothing for yourself (the coach), as well as for other support personnel. You might also consider a different contrasting design for home and away jerseys, the color and style of the socks worn, and many other factors.

It can be a lot to handle, but the right printing company can help ensure that you have custom printed baseball jerseys, the right baseball pants, custom embroidered baseball hats and all the other gear you need to ensure that your team’s identity is never in question.








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