Make Your Next Robins AFB Event Great with Custom T-shirts

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Built in 1942, Robins AFB has grown to become a major US Armed Forces installation. The city of Warner Robins, originally little more than a support center for the base, has also grown significantly. You’ll find a range of events held on the base, and jointly, between the city of Warner Robins and the base. Those events range from charity walks to empowerment conferences, and they can all be enhanced with custom t-shirts.

Make Your Next Robins AFB Event Great with Custom T-shirts

How Can Custom T-Shirts Make Events Better?

Whether you’re an event organizer, or just one of a group of people planning to attend an event on or near Robins Air Force Base, you’ll find that custom t-shirts can do a great deal to enhance your event. A prime example is the August 2017 Fighting the Wolf for Deserea walk against lupus. It will be held on the base itself, and all the proceeds will go to United Medical Specialists, LLC, for fighting organ failure. Volunteers at the event can purchase custom t-shirts (to drive sales, but also to show their involvement, support and solidarity), along with custom buttons and more.

This is just one example of how a custom t-shirt can be used to enhance an event. Shirt sales can dramatically improve the amount of money earned by charity walks and other similar events. However, shirts can also be used as perks or rewards – 5 and 10k runs, paint runs, fun runs and the like can all make use of custom t-shirts to attract potential participants.

Another excellent example is how Robins AFB is helping to support National Physical Activity Month. The base’s Health Promotions Office provides a great deal of information for service men and women, as well as their families, but this is an excellent example of how a group of people could use custom t-shirts themselves. A group of service people could easily create a custom t-shirt to support physical activity and its benefits, and then raise awareness about the importance of exercise and physical activity simply by wearing the shirts.

Obviously, custom t-shirts can be used in a very wide range of situations for official events at Robins Air Force Base, even if they are not designed and provided by event coordinators. However, you do need to ensure that you’re working with the right printing company.

The Importance of the Right Printing Partner

You want your event shirts to be high quality, to feature durable art and text, and to stand up to real wear and tear. That means it’s crucial for you to work with a reputable shirt designer in Warner Robins. The right company will provide you with a range of options when it comes to shirt style and colors, but will also allow you to work with an experienced graphic designer to create the imagery and text that will feature on your shirt to ensure the best possible results.








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