Screen Printing Results in Higher Quality, Longer Lasting Designs for Printed Shirts

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Screen Printing Results in Higher Quality, Longer Lasting Designs for Printed Shirts

Printed shirts offer benefits for an incredibly wide range of needs. They can be used as promotional items for businesses and brands. They can be used for team apparel at Middle Georgia schools. They can be used by churches in Macon, Perry, Byron, and Warner Robins. They can be used to commemorate events like weddings, as well as used for giveaways and incentives. However, it’s important to understand that not all printed shirts are created equal. Screen printing offers significant benefits over other production methods out there.

A Look at the Benefits of Custom Screen Printing

Screen printing differs greatly from other forms of printing, where text or imagery is adhered to the outside of the fabric. In this situation, the design can be easily peeled off, and will degrade quickly through normal wear and tear. T-shirt screen printing offers significantly greater durability, because the ink is embedded in the fibers of the material itself. This prevents peeling, and ensures a lifespan of multiple years.

Another advantage of silk screen t-shirts is that the images are completely scalable. What this means is that text and graphics can be scaled larger or smaller very easily, with no loss of quality. So, a very large version of a logo could be printed on the back of a shirt with excellent detail, and the same image could be shrunk down to a much smaller size for printing on the front of a shirt.

Custom screen printing is also much faster than other shirt customization methods. There is no need to create multiple graphic files, as photosensitive masks can be generated that allow the use of just one graphic file. This saves not only time, but also money in materials and labor, allowing a significant reduction in the cost of printed shirts. This benefits both the Middle Georgia printing company you choose, as well as your own wallet.

Of course, modern screen printing techniques can be used with a very wide range of materials, unlike older printing methods, such as heat transfers. It can work very well with cotton, as well as cotton/poly blends, 100% polyester, mesh materials and much more. This ensures that the widest range of shirt styles and types can be screen printed to fit your specific needs. The same screens can be used for multiple shirt types, and even different products, such as posters and banners, saving even more time and money.

Is Screen Printing Right for All Needs?

While screen printing is an ideal solution for most requirements, it may not be the right fit for your particular needs. You might benefit from custom embroidery, particularly if you’re interested in custom polos or custom hats, for instance. This is particularly true for businesses interested in custom uniforms for their employees where a more professional dress code is required.

In the end, modern screen printing is an affordable way to create high-quality, printed shirts that offer significant visual impact, combined with outstanding longevity.








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