How Can Warner Robins Schools Use Custom T-Shirts to Celebrate Field Day?

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Warner Robins is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. Between the bustling economy and the presence of Robins Air Force Base, there’s a lot to attract new residents.

How Can Warner Robins Schools Use Custom T-Shirts to Celebrate Field Day?

Of course, schools are necessary to support the children of families moving to the area, and the city is home to a very wide range of schools, from Warner Robins High School to Feagin Middle School, Huntington Middle School, Quail Run Elementary School and Northside High School to name only a few. Field day is an important celebration at all of these schools, and custom t-shirts can be used to make that day even more fun.

Why Invest in Custom T-Shirts for Field Day?

So, why would a Warner Robins school invest money in custom t-shirts for field day? There are quite a few reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that t-shirts are incredibly popular with students, whether we’re talking elementary school, middle school or high school. Another reason is that they can be used to help drive awareness of your school’s efforts in promoting physical activity and health. Of course, the fact that custom t-shirts can be tied directly to the theme of each year’s field day.

There’s also the fact that custom field day t-shirts can be used to drive fundraising. Sell them to students at a little over cost and you might be surprised at how much money your school can generate.

What Options Are There for T-Shirt Design?

The number of design options for a custom field day t-shirt is virtually limitless. You could go the simple, classic route and have your school’s name and “Field Day” printed on the shirt (Lindsey Elementary School Field Day, for instance). However, you could also ramp things up with just a little bit of creativity.

For example, you could design an image that includes several shambling zombies, with a child running out ahead of them. Surrounding the image, you could have the words, “I survived Field Day at Eagle Springs Elementary School”. This is just one example. You could choose to go virtually any route, particularly if it ties into physical activity, health, physical fitness and the like.

Use the image of a sneaker or running shoe combined with “Field Day 2017” and your school’s name. Opt to tap into pop culture icons and riff on franchises like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and the like. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

What Shirt Style Should You Use?

You’ll find a ton of different shirt styles out there. You can opt for a classic t-shirt designed for your school’s field day – it’s always a popular choice. However, you could also go different routes. For example, if you’re using a retro theme, opt for a ringer tee. If you’re going with a sports theme, a raglan shirt might be better, or a jersey style shirt. There’s a style option to fit just about any need.








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